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1. you must be active in site must log in at least once a weak mabye 1 in two weeks but i prefer at least once pure week or if you know that you will not be on for a certain time frame, please message the Admin ASAP. This is so we know to work around your posts.

2. you must feel out character application.

3. you must have your characters accepted before posting.

4. keep posts for a minimum of 2 sentences. if you have writers block then you may do one liners but try to do 2 sentences.

5. respect all mods and other rpers.

6. No one can play more then 2 cannon characters. however you can make up as may of your own characters as you would like.

7. No l33t speak. "u" "r" "ur"..ect. are not words! DON'T USE THEM IN POSTS!

8. No Emoticons in posts unless you are in the OOC forums.

9. No "cheap" actions unless you are in the OOC forums.

10. No textual emoticons such as: ^^, o.o, O.O...ect. This is only if you are posting.

11. No god moding (this means no controlling someone else's character/characters.)

12. No more then one account per person you may have as many characters as you want on one account just make sure you can handle them all if you want one deleted let an admin know.

Might add more rules later.

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