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Phantom White

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1 Phantom White on Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:55 pm


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Name: Phantom White (Real name Tammy White only jacob knows that)
Age: 18
Gender: famle
Pelt Color: black/white
Eye Color in wolf form: purple
Hair color: black (human form)
Eye color: purple (human form)
Hight: 5'8" (human) 8" (when on back legs)
Weight: 98 LBS (huamn) 196 LBS (wolf)
Favorite color: Black
Favorite food: Any type of Meat
Hobbies: Singing, hanging out with jacob, day dreaming, rough housing
Addictions: jacob
Fears: jacob getting hurt cause of her or worse, hurting jacob.
Sid Skull: is hunting her and wants to kill her. (her dad)
Deva Skull: same as her father. (is her mother)
Siblings: all dead
Old pack: all dead (except for her parents)
Sam: Thinks of her as a bit of an outsider still but lets her stay
Jacob: She loves him and is very close to him
Jade: hates her
Alice: donest mind her
Bio: when she was 6 years old she got mad at her whole pack and lost it she attacked the whole pack killing everyone but her parents but suverily injured her parents. She then ran away feeling bad about what she had done. Her parents started hunting her. She moved to the town that the cullens and Black's lived and changed her name when she went to school and changed her name on her medical records that no one has ever seen. A year after running away was when she stared going to school so at age 7 she met jacob black and then became very close friends with him now he is the only one that knows her real name past and has seen her medical records. She only listens and trust him and now lives with the pack. Now 11 years later her and jacob have become very close and she now has grown to have feelings for him and beleives he feels the same way.
Theme Song: Stand my ground by within tempation
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Her and Jacobs song: Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
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