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Jade Cullen

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1 Jade Cullen on Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:31 pm


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Name: Jade Cullen
Age: 14 (14)
Gender: female
Blood Type: O
Hair color: Black
Eye color:
Green (normally)
Red (hungry)
red orange (mad)
dark green (vampire)
teal (sad)
Hight: 4"10"
Weight: 94 LBS
Favorite color: black
Favorite food: Shrimp and blood
Hobbies: reading, writing stories and poems, trying to test werewolfs pacents.
Addictions: blood and making werewolfs mad
Powers: can turn anything to any type of stone depending on her mood but most of the time turns things to jade, blue sapphire, and obsidian.
Fears: being kicked out of the cullen family.
Alice: like a big sister
Carlisle: like a dad
Jacob: loves to try to tick him off
Phantom: Makes fun of here but isnt too mean.
Bio: she was born blind and in a ritch family but they always looked down on her one day she went missing and they didnt bother to look for her (when she was 10). She was taken hostige by some people and they called with a ransom but her parents told them they could kill her. So they did almost till Carlisle herd her screaming. He saved her but she was losing to much blood and he felt bad for her so he bit her turning her to a vampire. She now lives with the cullens and only listens to Carlisle, but will sometimes listen to edward, alice and jasper.
Theme Song: breath into me by red
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